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 Brad & George Uncensored!
Pretty boys George Clooney and Brad Pitt clown around with ET's Jann Carl! Find out about their newest flick 'Ocean's 11,' the prayer group co-star Julia Roberts always missed and Brad Pitt's penchant for ... the polka?
JANN: How did you get to read the script?
BRAD: They said it was a STEVEN SPIELBERG movie. I said, "I'm in, I'm in." I got there, and there was some guy with glasses and George was there ... But -- I'm a man of my word!
GEORGE: You committed, and once you committed, you stuck to it! Boy we're glad of that.
JANN: The two of you together were fun ... The ring leader on all fronts over here(George)?
BRAD: All fronts.
GEORGE: No, that's not true, I wasn't the ring leader.
JANN: You can't deny your reputation.
GEORGE: It's just not true. Brad was the ring leader on most of the fronts.
BRAD: What front would that be George?
GEORGE: Well ... there was the polka dance ring leader thing...
BRAD: I do rip quite a crazy in the polka, yes.
JANN: JULIA (ROBERTS) talked about a prayer group.
GEORGE: Oh did she talk about that?
JANN: With some of the gambling and fun that everyone else is having...

GEORGE: Well, mostly I was in my room reading, while everyone else was down cavorting and gambling. And then the prayer group...
BRAD: Then he would come down and...
JANN: Try to convert everybody?
BRAD: Well, I think he would just try to balance out our behavior with ... a little moment to think of why we're here?

GEORGE: I'm glad Julia brought that up because she never really showed up to prayer group, did she? No, the phrase "table dance Roberts" we called her, I believe!
JANN: What I heard is that this man (Brad)... was being the dutiful newlywed on the phone with the wife every night?
GEORGE: That's true.
BRAD: What can I tell ya ... I love my wife! Listen, it's not that complicated really. On the phone with my wife, or hanging out with this guy!

GEORGE: Yeah, JENNIFER ANISTON or me! Former sexiest man alive by the way!
BRAD: Yeah, Clooney.
JANN: When you sit here and listen to Brad say I love my wife, I love my wife...
GEORGE: I love his wife too!
JANN: That could be a problem.
BRAD: I share! She's a fine woman ... I can't hog her all. It's not right!

GEORGE: It's not right -- The whole world loves her!
JANN: Do you ever try to influence this guy who says he's like the most confirmed bachelor ever?
GEORGE: Yeah, he would sit me down a lot and say, "You know George..."
BRAD: Let's pray.
GEORGE: Let's pray. You know what you're doing here pal.
JANN: Did you ever pull a prank on Brad?
GEORGE: The act of not pulling the prank...
BRAD: That was the problem... It's the fact that he did not pull the prank! He's notorious for pranks! I made the mistake of lending out my room key. Then it hit me. "Whoa, whoa, what did I do, what I do?" For the next two months, I would come home and spend 45 minutes searching my room.
JANN: And you never found anything?
BRAD: No. It was brutal.
JANN: The whole idea of doing this movie from day one, minute one?
GEORGE: Bad idea.
BRAD: Bad, bad idea.
GEORGE: I'd like to apologize now for it. But we've changed the title.
BRAD: Is that right?
GEORGE: Yeah, It's 'Harry Potter Two.'
BRAD: Good, good thinking!
JANN: Good plan!
GEORGE: Always using the noodle right here.
JANN: How would you say you have personally changed since September 11th?
BRAD: Well, I think we're still in that process. I wouldn't be able to label it just yet. I think we'll be in it for a while.
GEORGE: You spend most of your time trying to understand how anyone can do this. How anyone in of the name of somebody's God... Mostly you just can't believe that this kind of tragedy happens. The next thing we decide is when do we pick up, and how do we pick up?
BRAD: And insure that this doesn't happen again.
GEORGE: Of course you look at it now and say, "I don't know what the light at the end of the tunnel is for this one ... 'cause it doesn't look easy."