Daily Dose of George Clooney
Oceans 11 Pt. 2
 Set of O 11 Santa Monica 2001
Scott Schwartz  with the Great George Clooney-On the set of "Ocean's 11"
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 Steven Soderbergh
Jan 2002 Issue
Outtakes from the interview, "Steven Soderbergh is so Money," by Stephen Rebello in the December/January 2002 issue of Movieline, on newsstands now.

On the Ocean's 11 cast:
There's a lot of expectation here, and Ted Griffin wrote a great script that's genuinely witty without being glib. There's a real knack to performing with apparent ease, but they all seemed to understand that they needed to bring their A-game. I said, "If you don't, you're going to get shown-up either by someone around you or the audience."... Going in, there was a lot of like, 'OK, who's going to be the asshole?' Didn't happen. There wasn't a buzz-kill in the bunch. They were all having such a great time on it... Matt [Damon] said, "It's so much fun to be part of a flying wedge but not feel I'm at the front of it." Coming off three movies in which he'd played the lead and had to work every day, he loved being part of the team as opposed to having to shoulder the whole movie. George and Brad have slightly larger roles but they very much felt it was a team effort... The cast was very self-sufficient. They all knew what they're doing. I think they were sympathetic to my day-to-day struggles and were very, very low maintenance. They recognized that it was not as fun an experience for me as it was for them. It was just impossible for me to be as loose as I might be normally. I was trying to wrap my head around how to physically put this movie together.

On George Clooney:
He's a better actor than he thinks he is. He's now starting to build a body of films that indicate that he has very good taste. He's really funny in a seven-minute performance in Welcome to Collinwood, this movie he and I have produced for our company Section 8. It's a glimpse of something he doesn't normally do or is asked to do. And when the time comes, he's going to pull one out that's really going to surprise people.